Monday, October 31, 2011

Family with Sophie and a Surprise!

We have had lots of visitors since Sophie's arrival. It has been so much fun listening to everyone try to figure out who she looks like and what color her hair is going to be- red? blonde? brunette? auburn? Most recently, my father brought my grandparents and my aunt from GA down to visit. My sister and her hubby came the same day to meet Miss Sophie...

And we have one surprise! A typical day at our house is not without strange animals and critters, we do live in the country you know. Our latest find was a green snake. Michael brought him in to show him off to the kids. I wanted nothing to do with him- yuck! I hate snakes. But Brett, my favorite redhead, was a critter keeper. He thought the snake was great and even chased me around the kitchen with it while he giggles the whole time. ( Let me tell you, I was NOT giggling!) Everyday I see that he is more and more like his daddy- in every way possible!


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