Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a great time Trick-or-Treating with our Pop Star Country Singer, Superman, Ninja and pumpkin. We started off the night at Nana and Granddaddy's (also know as Michael's parents) house and then went to our old neighborhood to let the kids go door-to-door. They were so excited about going to different houses this year, lol!

Sweet little Sophie stayed in the car with me to keep out of the cold. I was the creepy adult driving very slowly down the street looking like I was scouting children. I kept having to yell something out the window at Michael so people wouldn't think I was a stalker!

Luke, aka ninja, was super excited about his sword. (It's really for a pirate costume, but shhhh! we won't tell him that!) He was convinced that this was his first year Trick-or-Treating for some reason. I guess he just doesn't remember last year.

Our Super Muscle-y Superman. He was ecstatic about his Superman belt that would light up. I love how the smallest things just fascinate them! Daddy even fixed his hair to look like Clark Kent's- complete with 1 curl hanging on his forhead.

Our sweet PopStar Country Singer. I think she chose this costume because of the horse on the front and like every other 8 year old girl, she is obsessed with horses right now. I have to admit, I loved the pink cowgirl hat!

So there you have it...4 sweet kids ready to go trick-or-treating....I just wish I had some pictures when we were done for the night and they were scouring through their candy buckets. Now, I just have to find somewhere to hide all this candy!

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