Friday, August 26, 2011

Dance Rehearsals and Church

I usually seem to forget my camera during rehearsals for Ella's dance recital, but I remembered thi year...only problem is that I only took 2 pictures, lol! That's what happens when your eyes are glued on 2 rambunctious boys and having to take one to a baseball game in the middle of rehearsals. Oh well, I did get 2 shots of my beautiful ballerina in my favorite costume for this year!

My ballerina.... every ballet piece she does on stage now just beings tears to my eyes. She is so graceful and poised and such a pleasure to watch on the stage, I can't wait to see how this group of girls does in dance competitions this year!

Ella with one of her good buddies from church/dance.
I'll just be honest, I can't remember what was going on at church when I took these pictures. That's what happens to your brain when you are pregnant with #4. Baby #3 pretty much takes your last brain cells and then #4 comes along just to make sure baby #3 did a good job cleaning you out.
I think this was the night the children's choirs sang. Luke isn't in the pics and he isn't in choir yet, so by process of elmination- we are going with that!

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